Professional Data Retrieval

When you see a sign in a local retailer’s like Office Depot, Dell, Apple, Staples or Best Buy saying that they do data recovery for memory devices like HDD or memory stick, it does not mean they are professionals as they only use software and hope that that will recover any data. For real HDD recovery you need a professional that has been specifically trained in data retrieval and is qualified to retrieve data in all kinds of memory devices, in most instances. If you do not have a professional locally there are companies like SERT that provide a nationwide service.

SERT has been in the retrieval business for over 20 years and so has experience with all the different makes and types of memory device and has satisfied customers throughout the country and even some from abroad. Their staffs are fully trained and professional and will willingly give you a quote once you tell them the type of device you have and what the problem seems to be. If their nearest facility is not near you, they will advise you as to how to package the device in order to ensure that it does not get further damaged whilst in the mail. On completion when they have retrieved all they can from your device, they will ask you what device you would like the retrieved data put for sending back to you.

Although it may be when your device crashes that you will want the data on it to be recovered, you may want the data recovered when the hard drive starts to make scratching or scrapping sounds or when it starts to smoke or burn or perhaps even when it refuses to reboot. With any of these situations, a professional data recovery specialist should be able to assist and retrieve data from the device.

Personal photos on a camera are something that often cannot be duplicated and are keepsakes from a special occasion and yet, if you have not backed them up, they could all be lost forever. Also some data on a laptop could be important for your work, perhaps plans for a next project and if those plans are lost, it could take days or even weeks to recreate them. This is why people are often advised to back up anything that they have on their PCs, laptops, phones or cameras but all too often that advice is ignored and people think that they have lost precious data forever.

The professionals at SERT and similar companies are used to the importance of the data they are sometimes asked to recover and so treat all that data with care and confidentiality. Although this service does of course have a price, most people are happy to pay whatever is asked as the data, to them, is often priceless and cannot be duplicated.

You should always keep separate from any memory device, the contact details of your nearest or most convenient data recovery specialist or company.